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Bosch Group is leading global supplier of technology and services. Bosch improves quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. Bosch India is one of the largest R&D center outside Germany offering end-to-end engineering, IT & Business solutions.

Bosch’s very own startup Alliance program DNA which helps ‘D’ Discover the startups in Bosch interest area, ‘N’ Nurture startups for a period of 16 weeks and ‘A’ Align startups with Bosch business units. The main objective of this program is to work with innovative startups & explore the opportunity to co-create the product/solution or explore partnership to go-to-market through potential engagement models.

  • Co-Create
  • Partner
  • Go To Market

Bosch in India would like to leverage its technical & business capabilities to support Indian startup ecosystem & together with startups Bosch would like to out India in the Global innovation map.

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The DNA Journey


Birth of Bosch DNA

DNA Cohort 1 Demo Day

DNA Cohort 2 Applications Open

Demo Day DNA Cohort 2

DNA Nxt Bangalore Applications Open

Demo Day

Demo Day

DNA Nxt 2022 Application Open

What You Get

Everything you need to accelerate your startup

What You Get

Everything you need to accelerate your startup

Once startups get selected for the program, they get the opportunity to be nurtured by Bosch technical & business experts. Nurture program is spanned across 16 weeks and consists of two tracks:

Validation Track: Startups get the opportunity to get mentored by best technology experts and work with world class state of the art maker’s place which Bosch has built for its internal use. During 16 week program Bosch not only help startup to validate their product but also accelerate & make them enterprise ready.

Learning Track: Learning track consists of value added workshops that is provided to startups by both in-house and external consultants. Bosch helps startups to be enterprise ready with the following mentorship.

Access to Maker's Lab   |   Mechanical Fabrication Lab   |   Develop go-to-market strategy   |   Software Lab (UI/UX)   |   EMI/EMC-Electronics Test Bench   |   Bosch Experts   |   Mentoring from investors   |   Bosch Channel Partners   |   Sales and Marketing Teams   |   Acceleration Space   |   Compliance & Certification Guidance   |   Business Model Innovation   |   Product Design   |   Design Thinking   |   Financial Model & Pricing

What are we looking for ?

We are looking to collaborate & work with startups in any of the following themes and areas and if you are a startup and your product/solution can add value to our portfolio, please reach out to us.

  • Smart Living
  • Next Gen. Mobility
  • Health Tech
  • Automation
  • Connected Industry
  • Agri-Tech
  • Analytics
  • Industrial IoT
  • Sensors
  • AR/VR
  • AI
  • Themes
  • Block Chain

DNA Program Roadmap

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Call for
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Nurture Program
16 Weeks
Demo Day



Bosch is an exceptionally diversified company and is focusing on multiple areas like Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology which helps provide one stop solutions to startups working in myriad technologies. Thus with the facilities and expertise that Bosch has built for itself, any startup can walk-in with an idea and walk out with POC. This helps sector agnostic startups to engage and work with Bosch on multiple domains.

Transformation Journey


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